Without a clear vision for achieving your goals, 
business plans and marketing will lead you nowhere. 

That doesn't happen here. 

The Bona Fide Business Guide believes that without current market data, accurate customer profiles, and a clearly defined  vision your business planning and marketing efforts will be in vain and cost your business more than they should. 

Our priority is helping clients maximize their marketing ROI. Using a simplified, strategic approach we work with you crystallize your vision and design a plan that leverages the opportunities and assets unique to your business with quantifiable results. 

Our Experience + Your Vision = Results 

The Bona Fide Business Guide brings together the  best talent and extensive experience to help your business vision become reality. 

Our extensive skills and experience means we have the knowledge and tools to get things done efficiently and effectively. From certified business and career coaches to website and digital gurus plus expert project managers and PR strategists, each of our Bona Fide Guides provides with deep professional expertise and an unwavering passion to see every client succeed.
Years of professional experience, extensive business education and certifications.
Clients served including 100s of CPA firms, financial institutions and B2B tech services firms.
Successful marketing campaigns developed  and executed in every media channel.
Value of media earned for clients to date through PR and targeted media exposure.

Meet Your Bona Fide Guides for Business Success 

Our team of Bona Fide Business Guides has one purpose: to help you bring the vision you have for your business to fruition. We do this by applying expert skills across multiple disciplines including business strategy, market research, sales, operations, finance, human resources, UX design, website development, digital marketing, ghostwriting and many others. 

Chief Guides Gaynor Hardy (Meilke) and Amy Bergman will match your specific business need with the most experienced and skilled Bona Fide Business Guide team member to ensure that your path to success is efficient and economical with extraordinary results. 

Gaynor Hardy (Meilke), MS, CBC

Chief Guide
Business Strategy & Marketing
Grow your business by tapping into Gaynor's 20+ years of experience in  consulting and marketing  
for accounting firms, FinServ providers, tech businesses, and thought leaders.
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Amy Bergman, SHRM-SRC

Chief Guide
Human Resources
Strategically manage the human resources needs of your business . 
Recruit and retain the right talent while keeping in compliance with employment laws with help from Amy.
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Kari Brogan

Chief Marketing Guide
Bring your vision to reality with Kari's 15+ years of marketing experience working with 
community banking, financial services and medical industries.
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Kary Luck

Chief Operations Guide
You can rest assured that every detail of your business and your growth strategy will be implemented seamlessly with Kary's detail-driven management capabilities. From onboarding our clients through the development and execution of CRM, sales and marketing platforms to the tracking of all key dates and must-do's Kary is the go-to resource for information, project statuses and the friendly, human touch our clients value.
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