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Brandwatch recently released the results of a global COVID-19 consumer insights study which measured the impact of the coronavirus on consumer behavior and sentiment in general and on social media in Asia, North America, and Europe. The study was conducted during March using consumer surveys and online monitoring of social media, blogs, review sites and other platforms.

Here are the key takeaways for businesses that want to understand how the coronavirus is influencing the mindset of consumers and current market trends:

Brands extending empathy win brownie points

Consumers adapt behavior to cope with COVID-19

COVID-19 takes a toll on consumers’ emotional and psychological health

Physical health and entertainment ideas were popular social media conversation topics

Gender-specific insights: men are gaming, women are reading

Employees affected by the COVID-19 pandemic elicited concern from consumers

Key takeaways for businesses

The results of this study clearly show brands that communicate in an empathetic way, deliver relevant resources and focus on building relationships with consumers will be able to drive greater affinity and engagement online. Marketers should focus on developing product messages and content to show customers how they can help fulfill their immediate need for comfort, self-care and the practical information they need to protect their physical, emotional and financial health.

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