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Create a Powerful Profile for Your Business

You have a deep passion for your business and a vision for how you want to engage customers, but that doesn’t matter if public perception of your organization doesn’t align with it. Or, perhaps you’re just starting out and you need to gain traction for your business and ideas. The Bona Fide Business Guide can translate the passion and promise of your business into positive, measurable media and online exposure.

Traditionally, public relations has played a secondary role to marketing for many products and services. Today PR, especially in the digital and social arenas, should be tightly integrated with a comprehensive marketing strategy. The Bona Fide Business Guide delivers with services including:

  • One-to-one and group media coaching and training
  • Public relations and corporate reputation audits
  • Research-based public relations plans and media relations campaigns
  • Ghostwriting for authors and corporate executives
  • Development of personal brands and promotion of individuals for career promotion and thought leadership positioning.

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