Leverage your niche and expertise to win the clients you want.

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P.O.D. provides a simple and effective process for 
marketing and growing your professional services business.

Who Can P.O.D. Help? 

CPAs and Accounting Firms

The Bona Fide Business Guide's specialized P.O.D. process for accounting and CPA firms was designed based on nearly 20 years of experience in the profession. Using it will help your firm dominate its chosen industry niches, generate more leads, increase online visibility, and win higher value clients.
The Bona Fide Business Guide

B2B Businesses and Consultants

The B2B market is highly competitive with the majority of the sales process taking place online, long before a potential client  reaches out directly (if they ever do at all). This is why having absolute clarity about the clients you want to attract and  a clear online marketing plan for doing so is critical.  

Healthcare Providers

With the growth of telehealth services for medical service providers, physical therapy clinics, traveling physician and mobile nurse services, the ability to effectively target prospective patient groups is key. Our experienced team's P.O.D. process to attract new patients effectively and efficiently.

The P.O.D. Process 

Build Your Platform

Niche marketing is the cornerstone of an effective marketing strategy for B2B services. The P.O.D. Process allows you to leverage your industry-specific expertise to target and win clients who place a high value on working with experienced advisors or specialized organizations that truly understand their business and can provide premium solutions to key problems.    


Effective marketing requires an ongoing, systematic approach. The P.O.D. Process features a cyclical marketing and sales strategy that can be customized to help your business increase the efficiency and ROI of its marketing. We'll help you implement an automated lead generation and sales strategy designed to support the specific growth goals you have for your company.  

Data Collection 
& Evaluation

Measuring the ROI of your company's sales and marketing initiatives against business goals is imperative to ensuring you achieve the results you desire. A key part of The P.O.D. Process is the analysis of marketing and sales metrics to provide objective data for evaluating and evolving your sales and marketing program to maximize results and provide further recommendations.    

P.O.D. Success Stories 

CAMELS Consulting Group

CAMELS Consulting Group is based in Columbus, Ohio, and led by Edward E. Schmidt, a 30-plus year veteran of the community banking profession who specializes in shareholder services such as bank valuations, investor reports and communications, a self-directed IRA platform, and M&A consulting. 

Over the past seven years, we've refined the CAMELS brand and communications, grow its client base across the U.S. community banking niche, leverage Schmidt's industry authority through PR opportunities and scale its marketing efforts to grow revenue through consistent, automated lead generation and email drip campaigns.

Dominion Revenue Solutions

Dominion Revenue Solutions is a medical billing and revenue recovery company serving home health care agencies in Spring Hill, Texas. CEO Blessing Jonas has aggressive growth goals which are being realized with support from The Bona Fide Business Guide's P.O.D. Coaching Program.

After working through the strategic planning process to set measurable objectives and longer term goals,  Jonas was able to keep herself accountable with    
bi-weekly P.O.D. accountability sessions. A regular email marketing campaign with niche-specific content engaged clients and created new opportunities with prospects. We also helped her develop new service packages and a brand new service line!

The Bona Fide 
Business Guide

We're firm believers in the processes, platforms and tools we recommend to our clients...plus, we're professional service providers, too! This makes The Bona Fide Business Guide one of the best "guinea pigs" for testing new strategies, marketing and sales programs and all of the technology tools that we incorporate in our clients' tech stacks.

For nearly eight (and counting!) years, we've worked with dozens of companies and hundreds of entrepreneurs to help them grow by utilizing our own P.O.D. Process to grow our platform, reach more of the clients we can help most effectively and implement technology solutions to scale and streamline our operations.

Tools to Scale Your Sales and Marketing 

The right technology helps you engage your target markets more efficiently, so you can do less "selling" and instead focus on delivering value to your existing clients. 

Customer relationship management (CRM) platforms, automated marketing and lead generation tools, social media management,  and 24/7 WordPress website security and support all offer key  efficiencies to help small businesses grow . 

We'll help you build an effective marketing and sales tech stack with tools from our trusted partners.

Learn How 

Tools to Support Your Goals

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