Email Marketing Essentials Every Entrepreneur Should Know

Email marketing still ranks as one of the most effective ways to reach prospects and customers and build profitable relationships with them.
In fact, email delivers a higher conversion rate than social and search marketing combined! This is why setting your email up for success is so important. Put these tips to work in your next email campaign.
  • Spend time on your subject line. Taking time to craft a compelling subject line can have a huge impact on the open rates of your emails. Watch your own inbox for email subject lines that catch your attention, or read our blog on the "Two Second" headline test for inspiration.
  • Make your email useful. Remember, your email campaign is not about's about showing your clients and/or prospects how you can help them. It's fine to include information about your services or products, but try to include related information that will show the recipient that you understand their needs.
  • Know when to send. In general, Monday, Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the best time to send. Mondays tend to generate the best response. Looking at the time is important, too. 6 am, 7 am, and 11 am local time generally delivers the best response. BUT...the best way to know how your email recipients respond is by checking out your reports after the campaign!
  • Review reports and plan next steps. Getting familiar with your email reports will save time and money, because you’ll know which marketing activities are working and which ones may not be worth your time. It will also give you the ability to spot key trends, see who is responding to your messages (and who isn’t), plus you'll get inspiration for your future marketing ideas.
If you have questions about email marketing let us know. We can help you get your campaign running with Bona Fide results!
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